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Theater ROcKs (Reach Out to Kids) is a program designed to introduce young people to the magic of live Broadway Theater by giving them an opportunity to attend select productions at a special subsidized student discount. The program is unique in that it is supported and wholly funded by the generous donations of Theater League season subscribers and sponsors. By offering discounted tickets, Theater ROcKs is able to give many children and young adults their first opportunity to experience live Broadway musicals and cultivates their appreciation for the arts. Whether it is a study aid highlighting the historical perspective of a production, a master class taught by a show’s performers or a backstage tour highlighting the technical requirements of mounting a National Broadway tour, Theater ROcKs works to not only entertain students, but also educate them.

Education and Community Programs

Theater League is committed to bringing the best and the brightest of Broadway to the cities it serves, and we believe the arts are a vital part of a child’s education. Theater League has created programs designed to introduce students and children’s community groups to the thrill and magic of live theater. As audience members, children have a chance to experience Broadway right in their hometown. From audience to actor, box office to backstage, theater provides a multitude of opportunities that relate to every aspect of education. Theater League works with educators, artistic directors, group leaders and professionals to create a unique and well-rounded experience for our future actors, directors, designers, producers and patrons.

Internship & Street Team Membership

Theater League is looking for interns or volunteers to help with productions coming to your city.  Our internship will allow you to explore different areas such as marketing, public relations and production.  We can work together to explore the areas you are most interested in gaining experience. This is a perfect chance to see behind the scenes of theater productions and enjoy the thrill of live theater! If you think you might be interested in pursuing a career in theater or non profit, this would be the perfect experience for you!

If you’re interested in finding out more information about this program,
contact Theater League at 800.776.7469 or email info@theaterleague.org